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The Craig Michael Davis Ensemble Inc. 

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Thanks to our patrons and donors over the last three years, we've been able to found a non-profit "Breaking the Fourth Wall" that champions new music in new spaces for new audiences. Your support is what enables us to put on concerts and keep music free and open to the public. Because of our continued belief that music should be free and accessible to the public, we've traveled the world sharing new music with people as far away as L'viv, Ukraine and Fairbanks, Alaska.

From the composer: "Because of the support from our fans, in 2017, I was able to release my first album that contained 12 Etudes for Solo Piano, I wrote a guitar orchestra piece commissioned by the Indiana University Guitar Orchestra, finished a commission for the IU wind band, and finished a commission for a saxophone ensemble piece (12 saxophones) to be premiered in 2018."  


In 2018, my first opera, "Letters to a Terrorist," is scheduled to be premiered in Bloomington, Indiana. Our goal is to take it on the road and to tell Nadia's story in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Our $25,000 budget for this project covers most travel, musicians salaries, recording costs and marketing. However, more than 70% of this budget will need to come from donor support if we are to reach our goal before the road trip. Please consider donating to keep music free, and know that all donations are tax deductible. All donations above $50 will receive a free recording of the opera, all donations above $100 will receive a signed copy of the opera score and recording of the opera. 


Nadia, the protagonist, finds herself caught between her family and the man she loves, while she wrestles with the teachings of Islam and Ahmed, her husband’s expectations. All the while, Ahmed is rising through the ranks of the Groupe Islamique Armé, or G.I.A., to become head Emir of the organization. Their one goal is to, “purge the land of the ungodly,” with the slogan, “no agreement, no truce, no dialogue.” To accomplish this, the G.I.A. utilizes violent measures against civilians, not limited to kidnapping, assassination, and bombings.

A life written in letters, Nadia writes her experiences as she realizes that Ahmed has become a leading figure in “the fight against the tagout (non-muslim).” She admits boughs of extreme love and infatuation, grapples with betrayal, loyalty, mistrust, deceit and infidelity, and ultimately reaches a place of apathy, only to find the entire town turning on her, her newborn baby and a form of terrorism and bloodlust that she never wanted any part of. Though very real, Nadia’s story has been silenced for socio-political reasons. However, through our collaborative efforts and imaginative storytelling, Nadia’s story, which is that of many women like her, can be heard, on the world stage through the expressive power of music, song, and dance.

With Gratitude,

Craig Michael Davis
President & Director | BTFW New Music Festival


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